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Who saw You, Me, & Dupree?  Seeing Lance in that "Say Hello to my Little Friend" shirt was the funniest thing.  And I loved being the only geek in the theater who knew what was going on when Owen was watching the tour and the one part they showed was when Lance gave the famous "look".
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LeMond says Armstrong threatened him

Wow. Now we have Greg LeMond (himself a three-time winner of the Tour de France) alleging that Lance Armstrong once threatened to "find ten people to testify that [LeMond] had taken the blood-booster EPO."

LeMond further alleges that Lance "...threatened my wife, my business, my life."

Now, the French being angry and jealous of Lance, that's nothing new. But Greg LeMond? His seems to be a considerably more credible accusation, and that disturbs me.

If it's true, frankly, it sucks.