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Lance Armstrong Fan Club

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5th December 2008

christina0279:51am: Enter to win a FREE trip for 2 to see Lance Armstrong's Comeback
KINeSYS Performance Sunscreen and Trek Travel have partnered to bring you this amazing opportunity: Enter to win a FREE trip for 2 to South Australia January 18th-25th, 2009 to see Lance's Cycling Comeback!

For more information/fine print: http://www.kinesys.com/email.php

You will also save 10% off any KINeSYS purchase!

Hurry, deadline for entry is 12pm PST December 12, 2008 - contest open to legal US residents ages 18+
Current Mood: excited

10th November 2008

iamtheyeti6:37pm: Lance Armstrong did a local mountain bike race this weekend...
Rocky Hill Ranch,Smithville,Texas

1st November 2007

brashley469:33pm: OMGWTF
Say what?
Current Mood: confused

12th September 2006

phantomphan0411:46pm: Anyone else see this?


It's all just speculation.  And it's pissing me off.  How many times does a guy need to be tested to be proven innocent?

24th August 2006

livestrong101:47pm: Nike Commercials
There are a bunch of old Lance Nike Commercials on You Tube

I made a trail linking a few of em together, just thought I'd share it

Lance's Nike Commercials

27th July 2006

phantomphan041:03am: Who saw You, Me, & Dupree?  Seeing Lance in that "Say Hello to my Little Friend" shirt was the funniest thing.  And I loved being the only geek in the theater who knew what was going on when Owen was watching the tour and the one part they showed was when Lance gave the famous "look".

26th June 2006

flainn2:07pm: LeMond says Armstrong threatened him
Wow. Now we have Greg LeMond (himself a three-time winner of the Tour de France) alleging that Lance Armstrong once threatened to "find ten people to testify that [LeMond] had taken the blood-booster EPO."

LeMond further alleges that Lance "...threatened my wife, my business, my life."

Now, the French being angry and jealous of Lance, that's nothing new. But Greg LeMond? His seems to be a considerably more credible accusation, and that disturbs me.

If it's true, frankly, it sucks.

4th February 2006

_forcemajeure_6:09pm: OMG.
Lance Armstrong, Sheryl Crow Break Up Read more...Collapse )

16th December 2005

dunsyre1:14am: New!
Hey guys, I realized (okay, after morzsa pointed it out) that there are no Lance-related icon communities. So, I decided to create one! Because I love making Lance icons, banners, etc. and I've seen plenty of awesome ones around here, I thought that it'd probably be cool to have a community wear Lance fans / LiveSTRONG supporters could post their works of art.

I bring to you: armstrong_icons!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Please join, and please feel free to post any and all Lance-related graphics that you have made!

(x-posted in dunsyre, lance_armstrong, & livexstrong)

19th November 2005

_forcemajeure_11:10am: People Magazine
The Sexiest Man Alive/Men of the Year

Men of the Year The right guys, right now

2,332 words
28 November 2005
People Magazine

SEXIEST RETIREE Lance Armstrong Age: 34 Status: Engaged to Sheryl Crow, three children. One for the books: He won his seventh straight Tour de France.

Armstrong retired after his last win, but he's still on a roll. There's his weekly radio show on Sirius Satellite Radio, a new cycling-gear line, his work with his cancer research foundation. He's also getting ready to plan a wedding. Here, Armstrong and Crow's thoughts on:

- LOVE He says: When we finally got together a month after we'd first met, it was probably pretty immediate. She was all over me! She says: We're like a comedy routine now. It's funny. I knew pretty quickly that I was totally into him. - ROMANCE He says: It is pretty romantic to be there for her, be there for her shows, and if her voice isn't feeling so great, I go and get her a cup of tea. She says: We had a long-distance relationship for about a month, where we communicated through BlackBerry--sort of a throwback to the old letter-writing tradition. - HIS APPEAL He says: I'm good at math. She says: He's really sensual. He's a guy who knows himself well and doesn't have much fear. And he's got a hot body.

30th October 2005

dunsyre3:03pm: Lancified, pt. 2!
Remember this post?

Well, _college_girl_ and I did a little more :)

even more LancificationCollapse )
_forcemajeure_8:48am: SNL
So who all watched SNL last night?? I thought it was freaking hilarious.. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time.
Current Mood: groggy

23rd October 2005

vinyl863:15pm: SNL
Woo! Lance Armsrong (and musical guest Sheryl Crow...wonder why...) on Saturday Night Live next week!
Current Mood: tired

26th September 2005

blackcloud422:12pm: You know something? It makes me really angry when people refer to Lance as "half a man" or make some other horrid reference to the biological result of his cancer. The man had CANCER for God's sake. I've never heard anyone refer to a woman who had a breast removed because of breat cancer referred to "half a woman." It's just a horrible thing to say. Yeah... he only has one testicle. That does NOT make him any less of a man, or an inspiration, or a success. In fact, I think it makes him more so.

Sorry for the rant, but someone said that to me a few minutes ago, and I had to vent.

18th September 2005

egalite9:24am: Happy Birthday, Lance!
Current Mood: good

14th September 2005

_forcemajeure_10:57pm: Pics
On behalf of the engagement i'm posting some pics of Lance & Sheryl 'cause they're oh-so-cute. In the evening when the sun is sinkin' low, everybody's with the one they love..Collapse )

6th September 2005

shining_str8:31am: THEY'RE ENGAGED!!!!! I almost passed out when I saw it on the news this morning. Yay for Lance and Sheryl!!<33
Current Mood: energetic

31st August 2005

ex_kittybutl8589:04am: Does anyone know?
Does anyone know when the Lance parade in Austin will take place? I went last year, it was terrific, and I haven't heard a peep about this year's festivities.... I hope he's going to come again, but at the same time he deserves to take a break from all this crap, especially after the shameful treatment at the hands of the French.

29th August 2005

carousels12:07pm: Hey everyone!I'm Ezgi.

I'm new to the community so I thought I'd introduce myself.
I've been following Lance's carreer for a while and after reading his book I can say he's inspired me in so many ways and it's one of the bestest books ever for me by the way.

Anyways,it's so cool there's an active community for him.
cheers :)

27th August 2005



Lance Armstrong is NOT a doper.

25th August 2005

_forcemajeure_10:59pm: LKL
So, who all watched Lance on Larry King Live tonight? I thought he was soo great. He definitely doesn't dope. He sure is a keeper (I don't know what I mean by that, so just ignore it).
Current Mood: content

19th August 2005

_forcemajeure_2:08pm: Icons
Ten icons behind the cut.. I'll keep you my dirty little secret..Collapse )
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