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People Magazine

The Sexiest Man Alive/Men of the Year

Men of the Year The right guys, right now

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28 November 2005
People Magazine

SEXIEST RETIREE Lance Armstrong Age: 34 Status: Engaged to Sheryl Crow, three children. One for the books: He won his seventh straight Tour de France.

Armstrong retired after his last win, but he's still on a roll. There's his weekly radio show on Sirius Satellite Radio, a new cycling-gear line, his work with his cancer research foundation. He's also getting ready to plan a wedding. Here, Armstrong and Crow's thoughts on:

- LOVE He says: When we finally got together a month after we'd first met, it was probably pretty immediate. She was all over me! She says: We're like a comedy routine now. It's funny. I knew pretty quickly that I was totally into him. - ROMANCE He says: It is pretty romantic to be there for her, be there for her shows, and if her voice isn't feeling so great, I go and get her a cup of tea. She says: We had a long-distance relationship for about a month, where we communicated through BlackBerry--sort of a throwback to the old letter-writing tradition. - HIS APPEAL He says: I'm good at math. She says: He's really sensual. He's a guy who knows himself well and doesn't have much fear. And he's got a hot body.
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